Concerts and other events.




Saturday, 30th June, 2pm to 3.30pm - Christ Church, Sutton

We shall be playing at Christ Church's summer fair in Sutton, in their beautiful venue. Come, listen to some music and get involved with the cream tea!


Saturday, 8th September, 2pm to 4pm - Broome Park Nursing Home, Betchworth

Broome Park holds its annual Summer Fair in September in its lovely grounds, and we are delighted to be invited back to play a mixture of classic and popular pieces. 


Wednesday, 12th September, 12.30pm to 2pm - St Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey

We are lucky enough to have been invited back to play at St Margaret's Church in the Westminster Abbey complex as part of their summer concerts programme. It's a beautiful venue with wonderful acoustics - join us if you can. 




Sunday, 27th August, 3pm to 5pm - Canbury Gardens, Kingston

Join us for a picnic on the grass next to the Thames in Kingston's Canbury Gardens! (There's a pub if it rains...) We will be playing a nice selection of popular music in the afternoon on this lovely bandstand!

Wednesday, 6 September, 12.30pm to 2pm - St Margaret's Church in Westminster Abbey

Sitting next to the glorious Westminster Abbey is its just as lovely little sister, St Margaret's Church. Each summer sees a series of Wednesday afternoon concerts which are free to the public, either in gardens within the Westminster Abbey complex, or in this beautiful church. We will be playing in the church on the above date, with a mixture of music, including a narrated Peter and the Wolf!

Saturday, 9 September, 2pm to 4pm - Broome Park Nursing Home, Betchworth

We are delighted to be joining Betchworth once again this year for their summer party, after 2016's event was sadly rained off. Fingers crossed for better weather this year; we will be playing in the beautiful grounds of Broome Park Nursing Home in this wonderful, welcoming environment.

November - Remembrance Day, Shaw's Corner, Redhill

Each year we head to Redhill to play in their very moving Remembrance Day event, in which we celebrate the great sacrifices made by previous generations for those alive today. We will be playing a series of hymns and classical pieces at the war memorial at Shaw's Corner in Redhill to accompany a service and ceremony.




Sunday, 17th May, 9.30am to 12pm, Godalming Bandstand. In support of the Godalming Run 2015 (, we are playing some hopefully rousing pieces to send the runners off on their way, and throughout the morning. Good luck to everyone running!

Saturday, 11th July, 2.30pm to 3.30pm, Christ Church, Sutton. Come along to enjoy a lovely summery programme accompanied by tea and cake in this beautiful church.

Sunday, 12th July,  3pm to 5pm, Canbury Gardens, Kingston upon Thames. Always a favourite gig of ours, we play all the bandstand favourites in these beautiful gardens on the river Thames. Don't forget your picnic!

Sunday, 26th July, 3pm to 5pm, Clapham Common Bandstand. - CANCELLED due to a double booking

Wednesday, 2nd September, 12.30pm to 2pm, St Margaret's Church, Westminster. We are thrilled to be playing once again in the beautiful St Margaret's Church, which forms part of the Westminster Abbey complex.

Saturday, 12th September, 2pm to 4pm, Broome Park Nursing Home, Betchworth. We are delighted to have been invited back to the beautiful Broome Park to play for their summer party. 


Sunday, 1st June, 3pm to 5pm, Godalming Bandstand. If the weather is bad the concert will be in the adjacent church, St Peter's and St Paul's. 

Sunday, 6th July, 3pm to 5pm, Clapham Common. One of our favourite gigs of the year, we play on Clapham Common Bandstand, hopefully in the sunshine! Bring a picnic and come along!

Saturday, 12th July, 2.30pm to 3.30pm, Christ Church, Sutton. Lovely local concert in a friendly, pretty venue.

Sunday, 17th August, 3pm to 5pm, Canbury Gardens. Another great place for a picnic in the sun, Canbury Gardens at Kingston upon Thames are right next to the river.

Wednesday, 10th September, 12.30 to 2pm, St Margaret's Church next to Westminster Abbey. It is our privilege to play in Westminster Abbey's St Margaret's Church as part of Westminster's free summer concert programme.

Saturday, 27th September 2pm to 4pm, Broome Park Nursing Home, Betchworth. We were invited to play at Broome Park's lovely summer party - what a gorgeous venue with very kind and welcoming people.

Sunday, 9th November, Remembrance Day Ceremony, Redhill




Friday, 3rd May, 7.30pm, Concert in St Peter's and St Paul's Church Godalming to publicise the season of events on the bandstand.

Sunday, 9th June, 3pm to 5pm, Canbury Gardens, Kingston upon Thames.

Sunday, 14th July, 1.30pm to 3pm,125th Anniversary of Christ Church, Christchurch Park, Sutton.

Sunday, 25th August (holiday weekend), 2pm to 4pm, Guildford Castle Grounds Bandstand.

Sunday, 8th September, 3pm to 5pm, Clapham Common Bandstand.

Sunday, 10th November, Remembrance Day Ceremony, Redhill.

Social Events:

28th November. A group went to see West Side Story at New Wimbledon Theatre.

22nd December. Christmas meal at the Grumpy Mole in Tadworth.


2012 Concerts

Wednesday, 18th July, 12.30pm to 2pm, College Gardens, Westminster Abbey, London.

Sunday, 19th August, 3pm to 5pm, Canbury Gardens, Lower Ham Road, Kingston upon Thames.





 Canbury Gardens, Kingston upon Thames

Sunday, 9th September, 2pm to 3pm, Priory Park, Reigate. We took part in the Bandstand Marathon which ran from 1pm to 5pm. There were three other bands performing in Reigate and many other bands were playing at different venues all over the counry.

Sunday, 23rd September, 3pm to 5pm,  Clapham Common Bandstand.

Thursday, 22nd November, 8.30pm to 10.30pm, Kingswood Village Club, our rehearsal venue.

Sunday, 9th December, St Andrew's Church, KIngswood. We will be playing during the morning service which starts at 11am.


In 2011 we started our playing season by providing music for the Marsden March, a fundraising event in aid of the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Our first bandstand concert was in June in the grounds of Guildford Castle. Unfortunately the weather was not good and consequently the audience was small - many of them relatives and friends of band members.  

This was followed at the end of July with a concert at Clapham Common bandstand. The weather was better this time and the concert went down well.

Our next concert was at Godalming bandstand, a first for the band. The date was Sunday, 21st August. The setting by the River Wey is beautiful and we got a large audience. We hope to play there again next year. Parking nearby is easy so why not come along to hear us in action?



The following weekend (bank holiday weekend) we played at Canbury Gardens bandstand in KIngston upon Thames. This is also beside a river, the Thames in fact, but despite the pleasant location the audience was small due to the miserable weather.

In December we gave a concert of band pieces interspersed with carols at Kingswood Village Club (our rehearsal venue). 


In 2010 we played in College Gardens, Westminster Abbey to an appreciative audience in good weather. Unfortunately, the sound system was not set up and Andrew, our conductor, had to leave the stand to talk to the audience - the snag being that the band could not hear what Andrew was saying.

Later in the year we played in Canbury Gardens, Kingston upon Thames, to a small but appreciative audience in atrocious weather! We had to abandon playing for a short period but we did play through to the bitter end.

In December we gave a Carol Concert at Kingswood Village Club which is where we rehearse. Again this was rather spoiled by the weather (snow) which accounted for the small audience. This was a first for the club (and us) but we will be giving more concerts there I am sure.

 Carol Concert at Kingswood Village Club, Christmas 2010.

On a lighter note, we went for a Christmas meal in the Grumpy Mole Restaurant in Tadworth on 12th December and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Jasminder, one of the flautists, arranged it all and she even provided us with a musical quiz to flex our minds. She also arranged a visit in March 2011 to see the musical "Chess" in Woking. So we don't just do music; we have a social life as well.