Here are a few extracts from the minutes of various meetings.

Minutes of meetings were written detailing almost everything that happened in the band - from the important to the petty. Some extracts follow.

19 July 1923. "A letter from Mr A Diprose, solo clarinet, and Mr W J Tasker, piccolo, as to some unpleasantness at Rye House on Saturday the 14th inst., and resignations. After some explanations had been offered and accepted it was resolved as the Minute Secretary, Mr S Baker, was an absentee on that day and consequently positively neutral, that he should reply to both the letters, asking both men to continue with the band."

1 September 1925. "Letter of resignation from Mr W Butler. The reason was the continual insults from Mr Dean was stated. The committee excepted (sic) same, adding a rider, (They do not think the remarks of Mr Dean were intended for offence)."

Arising out of Mr H Hall's conduct at Rye House, not turning up to engagement at Pymmes Park on August the 7th and being half an hour late on Sunday August the 30th at Pymmes Park and his conduct!! on the whole while he was being a member of the band, the committee thought his offensive ways would let the band's name down. Secretary was instructed that his services were no longer required. (Carried.)"

7 June 1930. "A letter from Bishop's Stortford Flower Show asking for tender. A proposal was made that the fee be £26-5s-0d including tea for 24 men and that Mr Cain explain that most of the band were disengaged musicians through the Talkies."

3 January 1937. "Secretary E S Cain read a communication from Edmonton Council asking band to tender for 6 engagements during the Coronation Festivities in various parts of the district. There was some discussion about the difficulties of making up the band in case some of the members had to go with other bands. It was eventually decided to put in £8-8s-0d per engagement. Same as in the park."

AGM 7 February 1937.

"Auditors Report. H Sayer as senior auditor mentioned he had not been informed about the audit and that the secretary had appointed Mr Goodwin on his own. It also came out that the auditors went over the books on separate nights. This was condemned by the Chairman who said the audit was void. To get over it, it was carried that Mr Sayer went through the books and reported on the following Sunday.

Election of Officers. When Mr Cain was nominated as secretary he declined saying that the audit dispute amounted to a vote of censure. This was instantly quashed by the chairman and the members. To get on with the business, a vote of confidence was moved and carried, after which he consented to remain secretary. Mr Sayer agreeing to waive his complaint".

27 January 1946. [This was apparently the first meeting after the war, the previous meeting having been held on 8thOctober 1939.] "Mr Pratt [bandmaster] asked members to do what they could to encourage any musicians they knew to become members. This point raised a healthy discussion in view of the fact that at present we practised at the Gothic Band room. It was generally felt unsatisfactory to invite new members into a practice that was not our own."

The cover page of the Tottenham Military Band Journal